A personal website with four subdomains: code; collage; curious; projects. All sites make use of the Ruby static site generator Jekyll and are hosted on GitHub Pages.

That’s this site. A place I can geek out. It uses the shipped-with-Jekyll theme Minima. It’s meant to look like the website of any other developer.

For anything filmmaking. It’s a hacky implementation of a Notion site on a custom domain with fancy URLs. I wanted to use Notion as it’s clean, WYSIWYG, easy to update, and fun to use.

My personal blog. It uses a modified version of the Jekyll theme Hydeout. There’s a hint of Seth Godin.

My personal brief was to create a reference site for creative work that would: give equal weight to projects regardless of discipline; be interesting in design and in use; and be easy to maintain.

If the site were physically constructed it would comprise of a series of flipped interlocking sheets which, by year, come around and join full circle. It’s not expected that the visitor see this; merely that they realise there’s some kind of game.